Buddhist Cuisine Course (Vegan Cuisine Course)

     A Chinese Buddhist cuisine “Susai” was established in the fifth century when Buddhism was introduced to China, and it has developed as one of the form of cooking sophisticated in temples and courts.

     In addition, a long-standing tradition of a Buddhist cuisine is alive in Japan. A Buddhist cuisine can be said to a pioneer of a recent vegan cuisine that animal-derived foods are not used at all, and it has a history dating back more than 1500 years.

     Chinese and Japanese Buddhist cuisine have each strong point. A deliciousness is pursued and various tastes are created in case of the Chinese one, while a spirituality and a sense of the season are made much of in case of the Japanese one. Our Buddhist cuisine adopts both advantages of the Chinese one and the Japanese one, and we tried to cook a new Eastern Buddhist cuisine.

     Please try and taste it.

     We accept a reservation for more than one person three days before the reservation date.

     *You can reserve it after February 2020.


Buddhist Cuisine Dinner (per person 14,400 yen, tax and service charge are included)

Assortment of eight seasonal appetizer

Assortment of four warm appetizer

Vegetable-based stew of various foods

Tofu and Kinugasa mushroom soup

Vegetable-based sweet-and-sour pork (used no meat)

Wonton with gyrophora and shepherd’s purse